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At the start of 2018 we rescued our first owl patient. Little did we know how this would affect us in the coming years.

 Initially our aim was to build a rehabilitation Centre for owls only. The need for such a Centre grew year by year with an increase of more than 60% annually, and the need for other species also increased. We were extremely lucky to find ourselves the caretakers of a beautiful property in St Helena Bay which was donated for this cause. Unfortunately, as time moved on, we had to give up our stunning sea view and move to a Farm outside Velddrif after a couple of years, a safe haven for wildlife, where we could build more aviaries day camps, and much larger enclosures.

The Owl Orphanage is a rehabilitation center for injured, poisoned and orphaned Birds of Prey and Blue Cranes.

The Need

Indigenous birds and wildlife are increasingly threatened by numerous factors: climate change, human population increase, construction, wire fencing, electrical overhead cables, indiscriminate use of poison, increased traffic, destruction of natural habitat, growing numbers of domestic dogs and cats, misunderstanding and superstition. So there is a pressing and urgent need to create not only awareness of the facts, but to establish places of refuge for our indigenous birds and wildlife.

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We are deeply grateful to our sponsors:

- George Botten @ GAB Computers for the website (Cape Town)

- A Really cool Englishman who loves wings, birds and planes

- Vanilla Man


What to do with an injured owl / bird:

• Don’t assume that a baby owl or other bird on the ground is in distress. Check that the parents aren’t there. They are usually not far away since not all babies can fly yet.

• Place an injured bird in a dark container with air holes, or cover with a towel or other soft material. This has a calming effect and reduces stress. Contact your local vet, sanctuary or SPCA. Please handle with care!

• DO NOT chase an injured bird or animal! Stress is the biggest killer. They might also bite out of fear. Rather contact someone with experience.

• Remember: a distressed wild bird or animal will view you as an enemy and will act accordingly. Wait for someone with the right equipment to assist. Keep the bird/animal under observation from a distance.

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Jacques Nel

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Owl Orphanage PBO No. 930072975


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